Business focus
Windh Technologies is a provider of an advanced 3rd generation Java ASP-server platform for Media Asset Management and d-commerce. We also supply our customers with the additional application layers to help them store, access, distribute, and manage valuable brand assets, corporate information and marketing material. Our customers are both from private and public sector, large and small organisations that all can benefit from our ASP-service directly, through a very flexible price structure.

Windh Technologies is delivering its products as enterprise level portals and integration platforms with MAM (Media Asset Management) functionality. Our systems include intelligent on-line processing and search techniques for editorial, news, historical, commercial or medical images as well as illustrations, video, animations and templates. Our service also includes management of CAD-drawings, MS Office files, XML-documents or any other format that our customers find useful in their everyday business. Among our customers are the Defence Forces, the tourism industry, municipal authorities, governmental agencies, insurance companies and civil engineering firm.

Windh has developed an advanced d-commerce channel -Pixelfactory- with back office integration via WSDL and SOAP. Customers are multinational stock photo agencies and copyright protected content distributors. Our unique business logic is combined with our search technology, which is based on in-house developed, methods for conceptual- and multi-lingual search. Our trade mark is the audio/visual intelligence engine that can see images and hear sounds and music and use those features in the search and retrieval process. Advanced Metadata extraction is the basis for our search technology.

Windh Technologies' core business is the ASP service for Brand conscious and content rich organisations with geographically disparate offices or partners. The force of partnerships, globalisation and localisation drives our customer's business.

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2007-01-29 14:00:28
Ajax with JSF boosts user experiance
Windh Technologies embarks on a new route for interface design.
2007-01-11 14:10:37
Carpe Camera Arena
Carpe Camera - the press photo revolution
2007-01-01 10:38:56
New Office in Malmö
The development team is now entering their new office in Malmö at the "Triangel" area of central Malmö.
2006-11-30 10:47:42
XMP support in Carpe Camera
Our product range now supports IPTC and XMP meta data injection and extraction.